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Date: 2007-01-30 13:39
Subject: Grrr...
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Ok, so I am an avid listener to podcasts. I listen to one of the premeire technology podcasts TWiT.

Unfortunately they can be twits.

On thier latest episode they were talking about an list of "Web Celebs" from Forbes and evidently Violet Blue is somewhere in the top 400. So when someone asked Leo who she was, he said "She is in porn".

To me that is an extremely dismissive mischaracterization of who Violet Blue is, so I wrote and told Leo how I felt. I said I felt he had been dismissive and that Violet Blue does more than just read/edit erotica. She tries to be a sexual health educator and is a columnist in a San Francisco paper. Of course one of my favorite things is her participation in Survival Research Labs, a robotic performance art group. Really cool pictures.

Anyway I even suggested that they might think of having her on their show, I feel she could hold her own against thier tech reviewers as far as knowledge and opinion. In addition I think she could easily stand up to John Dvorak and maybe call him on some of the bullshit he gets away with. Anyway it would be a cool addition to the ZDNet alums currently there and maybe bring in a breath of fresh air.

His response:
"Sorry, I don't do adult material. "

I didn't ask him to be on her show, I asked him to consider having her on his show, which last I checked was not sexual in nature.

In essence he totally dismissed what I said and anything else that Violet Blue might have to contribute because she has a sexual podcast. I guess the fear of sex that even low ranked cable channels instill in you is hard to get ride of.

Now to decide if I want to respond.
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User: irrationalrobot
Date: 2007-02-01 03:57 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
What a dick. Violet Blue rocks, and I thought that before I knew she had an SRL connection. Huh!
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Anthony Kennerson
User: anthonyjk_6319
Date: 2007-02-03 05:19 (UTC)
Subject: Let's just cut through the crap right now....Leo Laporte is a certified asshat.
I remember back in the days of "The Screen Savers" when old Leo was still running this sort of crap then...yet he still managed to cast some very lustful eyes towards Morgan Webb during her segments (Morgan, if you all recall, was the Linux grrl with the big rack who would answer viewer questions about most anything computer related.

And Dvorak...well, his sorry Puritan ass was revealed for all to see when he once used one of his programs to pontificate on the evils of porn and adult material on the Internet; even going as far as to trash adult entrepeneur Danni Ashe to her face in one show.

BTW...if these jackasses would have taken the time to actually do that thing they call "research", they would find that there is indeed a real live porn performer named "Violet Blue" who is totally unrelated to the woman they slandered as "a porn performer". Perhaps old Leo simply got his porn performers mixed up, no??

What morans these two are...the real Violet Blue would run rings around them, and still have time to dropkick their asses into orbit. "TWiT" is more than proper to describe these two idiots.

I guess that if you can't stand or accept smart, sexy women, then just slut-bait 'em.

Way to bust 'em, Violet.

Anthony Kennerson
Lafayette, LA
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User: darkmane
Date: 2007-02-03 09:54 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Let's just cut through the crap right now....Leo Laporte is a certified asshat.
I wish I could say that I agree wholeheartedly, but I can't. I loved the Screensavers until G4 moved it to LA and I do remember Morgan, who is still with G4 on XPlay (the only show I watch on the network). I've seen Leo through TWiT, Call for Help and Command-N deal maturely and respectfully with a lot of women, many smarter than he is. And in the end, since many of the projects are unpaid or other people's projects, these women are seeking him out, so he can't treat them that badly.

He knows he's pretty much a C grade tech junkie with enough media experience to help make tutorials interesting. Or at least that is how he comes across to me.

Why he was so dismissive of Violet? I can only guess it is because of her being so vibrantly and openly sexual. I really doubt he got the Real Violet mixed up with the fake Violet, because I'd never heard of the fake Violet until the real one complained about her.

As far as John Dvorak? He's an ass who makes his money by being controversial, so this is helping him out a lot.

ANd yewah, I agree that Violet would run rings around them.
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